School Crest

school crest

The school's crest is the term typically applied to the standard or coat of arms of the school. The crest shall be a shield in emerald green (heraldic vert) surmounting an up-arching banner. The banner is of gold (or) and bears the original Latin motto of the school in black (sable) upper case letters. The banner shall be neither cut nor clipped. The edges shall be straight. It shall be folded under once at each end. On the escutcheon shall be charged one heraldic lion or above three birds or, each of a different kind. The two shall be side by side beneath the feet of the lion. Beneath them shall be the final, which stands on the lowest point of the shield. The birds shall all look left while the lion passant guardant. (i.e. facing the viewer, the right paw of the lion shall extend and point to the left.)

Escutcheon: vert, charged chief a lion proper passant guardant and three marlets perched or. The three marlets chevron the lion proper

Motto: Labor omnia vincit

History the Crest

The Lion represents the Church of England (the Anglican Church) under whose aegis the school falls. In the British tradition, the Lion represents “Nobility, Extreme Courage, Strength, and Generosity” (William S. Sloane-Evans, Grammar of British Heraldry, 1854). The Lion is identified by stance as “passant gardant” which in heraldic terms depicts resoultion and prudence. The golden lion had been a symbol of royalty in England since the 12th Century.

The three birds are derived from the official arms of the Beckford family, from which Peter Beckford is descended. Orignally, the description of the Beckford Arms speaks of three “martlets,” defined in heraldry as: “The martlet, from its great length of wing, its rapid movements through the air, and extremely short legs, which scarcely allow of its rising from the ground should it alight thereon, has been considered as a fit emblem of that unremitted diligence and activity with which a knight-errant must at all times pursue the duties of his arduous undertaking” (Display of Heraldry, William Newton, 1846). The martlet is a type of martin, or swallow, and somehow over time the images seem to have evolved into doves.

Simply put, the shield of the school depicts the golden lion of England, and three birds, depicting Nobility, Extreme Courage, Strength, and Generosity coupled with Resoultion and Prudence, Diligence and Activity.

The Banner displays the motto “Labor Omnia Vincit” - meaning (literally) "Labour Conquers All", or more simply with hard work, everything can be achieved (or overcome).

The offical colour rendering for the crests are:
GREEN- RGB: 00, 174, 00; HEX: 00AD00; CMYK: 80.78, 1.57, 100, 0
GOLD- RGB: 223, 192, 43; HEX: CFC02B; CMYK: 14.51, 20.39, 98.04, 0

History and Design Composite by Lenworth A. Wallace, Past Student.